Our Core Focus & Purpose
Creatively Focused works to keep passionate people in passionate careers. We support special educators by providing services and products that allow them to do the critical work of serving students with special needs. Through this work, special education teacher retention will rise and more special educators will feel their job can be a career.

Who We Support

Creatively Focused works with special education teams across any type of school district - traditional, charter, intermediate, alternative, private, cooperative, or education district. We work with any stakeholder within special education programming, including support staff, teachers, administrators, contracted vendors, and board members.

Who We're Looking For

Creatively Focused is looking for people who can say 'yes' to the following statements. You'll join our team of people who can say the same.

I want to keep passionate people in passionate careers.
I want to solve problems with people, not for people.
I know that I need to know what's inside the box to be able to think outside of the box. Sometimes others might know more than me.
I thrive in fast-paced environments where change is embraced.
I want to learn new vocabulary, processes, and ways of doing things.
I am a person who works in education or cares deeply about education.

As we evolve as a company, we will be continuing to add new roles across Sales & Marketing, Operations, School Service, Product Development and more. If you don't see a role on our Career Page currently, we welcome you to submit your resume for future roles through the General Interest Application. We will regularly check this stream of applicants, and if your talents appear to match our upcoming roles , we'll be reaching out.